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Saturday, January 10, 2009

So today, there I was, sleeping peacefully on a Saturday morning. And then who should come in and ask if he could play on the computer if he did it without sound? My little Christopher. And what time was it you might ask? It was only 6:45. On a Saturday morning. Aaaaggghhhh. What's a mother to do? Well, I tried to go back to sleep for awhile. That was fruitless so I decided to go down to my craft area. Here's the card I came up with. It was for Jena's monthly Original's Challenge. She chose the pattern, Center View, from CTMH's Original's book.

I used hollyhock, sweet leaf, and dutch blue on my card. I was having a super hard time with my sentiment because the dutch blue ink was so dark and it wasn't matching the patterned paper or cardstock very well. If finally hit me after about 5 minutes. Stamp it in second generation. Meaning, stamp it first on some scrap paper and then on the piece I wanted for my card. This muted version looks much better. Some glitter finished off the dress on the girl. After finishing the card but before putting the button on, I was thinking that the card needed something else. I mean, there were no embellishments on the card. I've done plenty without embellishments but I had this nagging feeling that this card needed one. Or maybe it was just that I wanted to put one on. After some looking, I found the hollyhock button from an old paper packet that had included some embellishments. Crisis averted.

I've got lots to do today but I still want to do some stamping, hopefully some scrapbooking. Jena's got more challenges that I would like to do. I guess I'll have to wait for awhile to do those. Maybe if I finish my chores this morning, I can play this afternoon before we go to our friends.

I hope that you will enjoy your Saturday, no matter what you are doing.

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Jena said...

Fun card - isn't it funny that sometimes the kids just DON'T sleep in on Saturdays, like they should ;-) Love the colors - thanks for playing!

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