A quick turnaround for a challenge

Monday, November 10, 2008

Today's card is for Marjorie's color challenge that she posted just this morning. This might be the quickest turnaround I've ever had for her challenges. Colors chosen were juniper, ponderosa pine, desert sand, and bamboo. I had intended to use all four colors but at the last minute substitued the flowers for the small pieces of bamboo cardstock that I was originally planning to use.

You can't tell at all in the picture but I scored the front of the card twice right above the ponderosa pine piece and once right below. A subtle element, one that does not photograph well.

I made the mistake of asking Devin what he thought of the card. He hadn't glanced at it a milisecond and said he hated it. Rude, rude, rude. I honestly don't know why I bother showing him my art. Reynna loves it though. Next time, I'll just go to her.

Work went well today. I'm back in the field and happy to be out of the office. I'm dying to check my score for the exam I just took. Like I said in an earlier post, the soonest I've ever gotten a score has been 3 weeks. So why am I chomping at the bit to check my score? Oh yeah, I think it's because I'm a bit compulsive and dying to know if I passed or not. I will try to refrain from checking this week. However, next week is a whole other story.

I'm off for the night. If you've stopped by, thanks for doing so.


Tickle Me Pink said...

Wow that was quick!! lol Love the sweet and simple design you have going here. This makes such a pretty no fuss card! Thanks for playing hun!

Jena said...

Fun card - I LOVE that sketch and have used it several times! I love how you added the sentiment to the bottom instead of the square-ish piece - TFS!

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