The big day

Friday, November 7, 2008

Well, the big day, or big morning, came and went. I took the audit portion of the CPA exam and now my fate is in the hands of some NASBA angels. I pray that they will have pity on me and know how much I studied.

I've been a woman possessed as of late and I know that I've been a bit crabby with my family. I apologize to my wonderful husband and kids. I do think that studying for this exam could make any sane person crack, though. Well, it's over for now. I get to play the waiting game. In the past, results have taken anywhere from 3-8 weeks. I'm hoping for something closer to the 3 week side of things, with a passing score of course.

So I get the rest of the day off from work but have to spend it taking Reynna to the dentist and then getting ready for her birthday party. I'm expecting around 12 girls at our house tonight. Devin has determined that tonight should be the night that he goes to a movie and to dinner with my Dad. I'm not sure how it happened exactly but I'll be doing it alone.

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