O Christmas Tree

Sunday, August 2, 2009

I had a chance before church this morning to make my weekly Christmas card for Sparkle's challenge. Her only challenge this week was to pick something from her very cute card that inspired us. I chose the tree from her card.

Now I wasn't going to post it until after church because there was no more time. However, when I went to our van this morning, it started but died immediately. I tried a couple more times with the same result. Devin had an early morning meeting at the church so we were going to meet him there. He's probably sitting in the sacrement service wondering where his family is. I'm sitting here waiting for him to either call or come back home to check on us. So, I thought I'd blog while I wait. Okay, onto the card.

Patterend Paper: The Paper Studio
Stamps: CTMH O Christmas Tree
Other: Nesties, PTI Buttons, Cuttlebug

Devin's sleep study went fairly well. He was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. He needs to have another one done where he will be fitted for a CPAP machine and sleep with that on. I'm hoping that this will help be more rested and that his snoring will be under control.
Our marble countertop is done with one sink in. The other sink just needs to go in and then we're in business. I showered in my new shower for the first time this morning. There was so much room because of the curved rod. It was great. Once Devin gets the other sink in, I'll be posting pictures.
Well, I hope you're having a great Sunday. Thanks for the visit and blessings to you all.


Carla said...

Cute card Alanna!! Love those colors!

Sparkplug17 said...

What a gorgeous card! I hope you figure out whats wrong with your car.

Kathi Carlson said...

Fun card, Alanna!! Love the non-traditional colors! The Cuttlebug texture is perfect!

Hope your van troubles are temporary! I'm glad to hear Devin's sleep apnea problems were diagnosed. Sleep apnea has been associated with some serious health problems, so treating it is a good thing. Finally, I'm anxious to see a photo of your finished vanity. It's got to feel good to be so close.

Have a good day, friend!

Sharli Schaitberger said...

First, I'm sorry about the car troubles - Boy! I can relate to that! Hopefully yours will be an easy fix.

I do love the card - it's cute and different! The textured background adds a lot of interest - I never thought about the circles looking like ornaments but they do!

Carla said...

Hey Alanna,
I've left an award for you on my blog! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

How cute, me and Devin and your dad are all cpap buddies!! I really think Robert needs one too .. . you know how his snoring is!!!

Sarah said...

Such a very pretty card Alanna!
So sorry about your Van..hope it is something simple!
I Hope the CPAP trial goes OK...CPAP is never an easy thing to get used to BUT the help it brings is what it's all about.

Anna said...

So cute, Alanna! Sorry abou the car! Glad the test went okay. Hope treatment goes well.

Kelley Eubanks said...

Great card Alanna! Love the colors you used and the buttons (of course)!

Anonymous said...

Alanna I am so sorry about all your trials and such on a Sunday no less. Did Devin ever call to check on you?

Love the Christmas card and I have some little goodies I will be using shortly that I picked up at a yard sale...a whole bag for $1 and it was full of Christmas craft foam shapes and well it will be a little surprise later when I make cards and layouts using them :D

Great that your house is moving along in its rennovation also. Hugs for a relaxed morning...you deserve it. Iona

Unknown said...

This card is corgeous! Thanks for visiting my blog and your sweet comment!

I hope your van is running now. There's nothing worse than car troubles...
Kim xXx

Jeanne said...

Lovely card, Alanna! I love the texture of the circle embossing folder. Great idea!

I'm sorry to hear of the van troubles. There's not much worse than feeling you can't get somewhere you need to be. Hope you can get it fixed without too much trouble.

Thanks for the update on the sleep study. I hope the CPAP helps. My dad has sleep apnea and wears one. It's helped him quite a bit.

Thanks also for the update on the bathroom. Yay for you to finally get a shower in your new roomier shower. Must have felt heavenly.

Carolyn said...

Cute card!! Can't wait to see your bathroom completed! hey my husband wears a C-Pap. He's been wearing it almost 10 years this Nov. It made the world of difference for him!!! He would sleep sitting up as soon as he would hit the chair, and almost while driving. Having the c pap is the best thing that has helped him. He feels so rested. He just got a new machine last summer. It's way better then the one he had 9 years ago. This one was 1,700.00 plus another 300.00 for the heated part. Thank God for Insurance! E me if you would like.

Maria Matter said...

A beautiful card Alanna!
Sorry to hear about your van, hope it's nothing costly!!!

I had a friend tell me just today that she needs a machine too, I don't understand it all, but I'll prayer for your hubby when I pray for my friend!
take care
blessings, Maria

Unknown said...

This is very pretty! Love your use of non-traditional colors. Glad to hear your hubby's study went well!

JHopkins said...

Love the card!! :)


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