Where's the art?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Okay, it's officially been a week since my last art post. Between studying and then leaving suddenly on the weekend for 4 days, there's been no time to craft. However, I am planning on crafting tomorrow night so look for something Friday.

Also, I have to brag about my hubby. He went out yesterday to do something at school after we got home from Idaho. He came home and surprised me with an apple and french silk pie from Village Inn along with a Hobbly Lobby gift card for my birthday. I told him he didn't need to do anything but he went ahead and did it anyway. I'm super excited about the gift card and can't wait for some good sales to use it. And that apple pie is to die for. Love you babe.

Well, I'm off to start dinner and then to study before Lost tonight. I want to watch American Idol as well but I probably should study. :(


Sparkle said...

Yummy! Sounds so good!

Cee Cee said...

Ahhh...Points for Devin! Glad you got a little spoiled for your b-day even though it was over a crazy weekend for you. I still have a little "spoiling" for you myself, so I'll see you soon:)

Steve C said...

way to go Devin!

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