Sad, sad news

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I finally found out my score today from the part of the CPA exam that I took over 6 weeks ago. I got a 74 and a 75 is needed for a passing score. Needless to say, I am devastated. What does this mean? It means that I will no longer be blogging on a daily basis. I will no longer be paper crafting nearly as much as I was. I think I will allow myself to make two cards per week or one layout. I'm just going to have to cut almost everything out of my life except for studying.

I've shed so many tears this morning that it's not funny. The rational side of my brain tells me that it's just a test. There's a lot worse things that could happen to me. But the emotional side of my brain, the one that gets the best of me, just wants to cry and curl up in the fetal position. And then there's the side that wants to hurt somebody from NASBA.

Anyway, I do have one more post scheduled and then it will be sparse posting from me. :(

Thanks for those that stop by and a bigger thanks for those that stop by and leave comments. I've truly enjoyed my regular blogging and hope to be back someday.


Taryn Choate said...

Oh man, Alanna, that really just stinks! Can't they have just given you one measly point for being cute?!?! :) Best of luck for the next go around.

Shannon said...

Alanna I am so sorry. Do you need any help studying or maybe some good study treats.

Maria Matter said...

Oh, Alanna, I'm so sorry!!!!
Prayers that you can focus and retain all that you're studying and that your score next time will be over & beyond that nasty 75!!!!
Keep your chin up hun, we're all cheering you on!!!
Blessings, Maria

Cee Cee said...

I'm sick! I had my "vibe" that you were a shew-in! I was even dreaming last night of your celabratory dance!!! I am so sorry!!! I would love to cheer you up...if there's anything I can do to remind you that you are AWESOME, please let me know:)

Heather C said...

Alanabear, we feel so bad for you. We wish we were there so we could give you a big hug!

tyffanie said...

Dang it!!! Soooo close too. That really bites. I will keep you in my prayers. Love you!

Steve C said...

You can do it Alannabear! Although you were one point away this time, I'm sure next time you'll be ten points over. You've got what it takes, just keep telling yourself that. I have faith in you!

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