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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I saw this on Sparkle's blog earlier and decided that despite me failing my test (see post below) and having to really cut back on my paper crafting time, that I could still play along. "Rule" #3 does say it can be done this year. :) I mean, how could I possibly give up a chance to receive something handmade from Sparkle?

This was on Sparkle's blog...and I posted, so I gotta post this on here. :) Scroll down to see today's card.

The first 5 people to respond to this post will receive something made by me. It will be my choice what I send to you. But...there is a catch...ready?

1- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
2- What I create will be just for you.
3- It'll be done this year!
4- You have no clue what it's going to be. I have tons of ideas, but who knows what it will be? Not you, that's for sure!
5-The catch? Oh, the catch is that you must re post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on your blog! (then come here and post, I WILL check your blog *wink*)

The first 5 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they did will win a homemade gift by me! Oh, and be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it!

So....who will be the first 5 people?????

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