Happy 9th Birthday Reynna!

Monday, November 3, 2008

My precious Reynna has officially turned 9. She really wasn't born until about 11:45 at night but November 3rd is the day. It was one of the happiest days of my life. I had longed for a child so desperately after having given up my precious Arianne 5 years earlier. I was thrilled that Reynna was a girl. Of course I would have been just as happy if she had been a boy but I know my Heavenly Father knew that I really wanted a girl. Not a girl to replace my sweet Arianne but you know.

Anyway, I digress. Reynna, I LOVE YOU. I love your smile. I love that you make me breakfast in bed on my birthday and Mother's Day. I love that you like to make homework for Christopher. I love the curls in your hair. I love that you know about my love for Bon Jovi. I love that you're so smart and a good student. I love that you chose to be baptized last year and that you know you're a child of God. I love how good you are with babies and small children.

Reynna, there are many things I wish for you. I wish that you will continue to be healthy. I wish that you will find the man of your dreams and that he will be the man who can take you to the temple and marry you there for eternity. I wish that you will want to be a mother and give me lots of cute grandchildren. I wish that you will find true peace and happiness in this life. Most of all, Reynna, I wish that you will always know that you are my special daughter and that I love you very, very, much!


Robert Choate said...

Happy Birthday Reynna Super Sissy Booboos. You are way awesome. I wish I was there to give you birthday swirlies. Save me some birthday cake. We love you.

Taryn Choate said...

Boo Booooooos!!! It's your happy birthday...hooray!! I hope you have a fantabulous day! Happiest Birthday ever! I love you!

Cee Cee said...

Happy b-day Reynna!

Alanna-you make me cry:)

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