13 girls and a 5 year-old boy to boot

Saturday, November 8, 2008

So last night was the big 'gala' for Reynna's party. She invited 15 girls and we had 12 show up. It was a fun night of card making, limbo, pinata, and of course the regular stuff--cake and presents. We bought supplies for each girl to make 4 greeting cards. There was some really fun glitter patterned paper along with paper flowers, brads, and rhinestone embellishments. I think the girls had fun doing this. They all seemed to be really into it and some really stepped it up a notch and made some beautiful creations.

There was probably about 1/2 hour of limbo played. The whole time the girls were doing that, they were chanting "how low can you go, how low can you go". Over and over and over again. I'm surprised I didn't dream about that.

Here's a few pictures from the party. I am just posting the ones of Reynna by herself as I don't want to post the others with her friends as I don't have permission to do so from their families.

I've told Reynna that next year we are going to have to rethink having a friend birthday party. As much fun as it was, I was certainly exhausted. She said we could just do a family party but I'm sure next year will roll around and she, if not even me, will want a friend party as well.

Well, I'm off to get my hair done. Yippee. See you all later today.

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