Two peas in a pod

Saturday, November 8, 2008

This layout uses some fun paper from CTMH. I forget the name of the paper packet but I love the stripe paper. Again, a real simple layout as I was trying to get all of the professional pictures that we had scrapped. I used my cricut for the title.

I titled the layout the way I did because my kids are definitely made from the same mold. They are alike in so many ways and I think the only real differences between the two of them are the ones that just come from the gender difference. I love that they share so many of the same qualities and have so many like interests. I also love that they are individuals and are unique. I love the picture of them on the right page with them lying down with their feet kicked up in the air. Again, these more silly type of poses really speak to me.

Today, BYU plays San Diego State. Of course I'm hoping for a win. And not just a win, but a big win. I still feel like there is hope for them making a BCS bowl. They just need a little help with some teams that are currently ahead of them. I am still determined to make it downstairs to whip up a card or a layout. We'll see what my mood is like when I do go down.

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