Should I give up on sports?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So after two devastating losses by my teams this past week, I have to wonder if I shoudln't just give up watching sports. The Broncos were nowhere to be found in New England last night. I love sports so much but it causes me serious distress when my teams don't win. Devin loves that I love sports but sometimes thinks that a woman maybe shouldn't be as invested in sports teams because of all of our emotions.

WHAT, ME EMOTIONAL? Okay, I can see his point. I just love my football and basketball. I guess I'll keep on watching and hope for a better outcome in future weeks.

It's been fun having Heather here. I know the kids are enjoying her company a lot. I'll sure miss her when she leaves.

It is raining now and there is a possibility of snow in our forecast for tomorrow. Yikes. I'm not sure if I'm ready. Okay everyone, take care and see you tomorrow, hopefully with some art.

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Tickle Me Pink said...

lol. I wouldn't give up on them if you love sports so much. I'm not big into sports at all and neither is my hubby so I can't really relate ^_~ I would just cheer along. If they lose oh well :D The best part should be watching the game, not who wins or loses (but that's coming from a non-sporty gal ^_~)

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