A big shout out out for Devin's birthday

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So September 30, 1977 was the day my husband was born. He has officially turned the big 31. Unfortunately, I am turning the even bigger 35 next year. Ouch. He likes to tease me about how much older I am than him.

Well, for his birthday, I got him (and the family) a Wii. He told the kids at school that is what he wanted. He's never really been a gamer but I think the Wii is a bit different. We just spent the past 2 hours playing bowling and golf. Our family has always liked to bowl. I'm not very good at it in the real lanes but my Wii score was a 171. I beat Devin by 15 points. Woo-hoo! The kids are really excited that we got this system. I think we all are.

Devin and I attended my firm's 40th anniversary celebration tonight. Over 800 clients were invited. I would say probably around 150-200 showed up for some goodies and drinks. It was a real neat time and it's fun to be a part of such a great firm. Here's to another 40 at A&W.

I hope everyone's Tuesday was fabulous and a day well spent. If not, there's always tomorrow.

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Taryn Choate said...

OH man! I totally had it written down that it was his birthday, I knew it was and I totally spaced it! Actually Robert and Isaac were both throwing up sick so I'm sure that thew me off a bit with my memory!! SORRY!! Devin, I hope you had a fabulous birthday and I am very jealous cause I REALLY want a WII!!! Have fun with it!

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