A big Thank you and Look what I'm Getting!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

So, today I turned 36.  Or as I told somebody, 26 (with a pause) plus 10.  :)  First, thank you to all my blogging friends who sent birthday cards. They are all so gorgeous and I'm proudly displaying them. I just love getting handmade cards.

Second, look what I'm getting. "Hubby" bought it from Ebay for my birthday. It should be here soon.  What a great hubby he is.  He knew just what I wanted and I didn't have to drop any hints or coerce him at all.  LOL.

I'm super excited for it to come and cannot wait to link up my cartridges and start playing!!!!!

So the big day is in 3 days.  Really, only 2 after today is over.  I am SO over studying and staying late at work to study and getting to work early to study.  I'll say my mantra again.  I think I can, I think I can. 

I miss all of you so much and can't wait to get back to some hopefully regular posting and commenting. 


Sarah said...

Alanna HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! I know my card was early but I didn't want to forget it...Hope it got there OK.
WOW on the birthday present WOOHOOO SCORE
If there is anyone who deserves to pass this test it's you!!!! I am thinking about you and praying. You have worked so hard.

Kelley Eubanks said...

Oh... Happy Birthday Alanna! I will say a prayer for you for your test! Thanks for the advice on scrapbooking! I need all the help I can get! :)

Sparkle said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful birthday. Good luck on the test!

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday, Alanna! What an awesome birthday gift from your hubby. You are so well deserving of some spoiling. I just know you are going to have a blast.

Been thinking good thoughts for you that this time is THE time for you to pass this part of the test. Big hugs to you!

Laurel said...

Oh, lucky you! Happy Birthday!

chercroppin said...

Awesome Alanna! Sorry am late commenting on your b-day, but you got my real card in time!!

Sending lots of love and best wishes for that test!!

Kathi C. said...

Happy Birthday, Alanna! Cool gift from the hubby! Sweet.

I'll be thinking about you these next few days. I think you can, too!!

Maria Matter said...

Happy Birthday Alanna!!!

I think you can, I think you can!
I'm saying a prayer right now!!!

Hugs & Blessings, Maria

terrahall said...

hey you.... good luck with your test. I know you can do it.
Quick question what is the name of your huge tape dispenser that i use to mock you about all the time? where did you order it and how much and which refills do you use and where do you order them from. good luck and miss you like crazy!!!!

itsabrt said...

Alanna I hope your Birthday was great this past Tuesday, I know your card was late sorry! What an awesome gift from your husband a gift for the ages! Beth

Carolyn Christie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Alanna!! Hope you had a wonderful day!! By the looks of it you did!! :) I have the Gyspy as well. What a cool girly toy huh!! You'll love it!! You can take it anywhere... bed, car, anywhere! :)
Praying you pass!!

Marcy said...

Happy birthday, Alanna. Great Hubby, great gift!! Good luck on your test!

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