Fresh raspberries and some other ramblings

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Three years ago, we got some tiny raspberry starts from Devin's grandma's house in Idaho. The first winter that they were planted here, we had a crazy blizzard that left our city literally paralyzed with all the snow. But our little raspberry starts, that were nothing but twigs when we planted them 3 years ago, survived that terrible winter.

Fast forward 3 years from then and this is what we have. A large area of raspberries, and this should be our best year yet. The bushes produced a few berries last year but this year, WOW. I'm so excited to eat these. I'm going to pick a few of the really ripe ones today and have myself a nice little snack. Then, when the family is back, I'm thinking there will be a lot more that will be ready to be picked. I'm so excited about these little berries, that I just had to share them with you.

We don't have any other kind of garden to speak of. I'm afraid we wouldn't survive long if we had to fend for ourselves. But, we have these little gems. In the first picture, you can see a new start coming up all by its lonesome. Yeah!

As for other fronts in my life, I still haven't made it to my craft area yet. I've been trying to do my chores first. I did take my dear friend out for dinner last night to celebrate her birthday. We went to Red Robin and enjoyed a yummy dinner. Shannon, I love you and am glad to have such a good friend like you.

I also had to go shopping this morning to restock our chest freezer. In the midst of Devin getting ready for the trip, on Wednesday, he discovered that our freezer had somehow stopped working. (The problem was something about a reset button that got tripped, so the silver lining is that the freezer is still operational). Now all of our food had been sitting in there for at least days, just melting and stinking up the place. Nothing was salvagable. So, he cleaned out the freezer, threw everything away, and now, we start over.

Well, if you've made it through all my ramblings, you have my appreciation. I hope your Saturday is the best that it can be.


Robert Choate said...

I want some fresh raspberries. Those are my favorite. Please send some to us. Thank you.

Sarah said...

Those raspberries are looking good!!!
After filling my freezer with 2229 lbs of beef...your freezer story was not one I wanted to read LOL. That totally bites that you lost all that food Alanna! I am sorry.

Kathi Carlson said...

Your raspberry bushes look great. I'm sure the berries taste better. Sweet!!

Bummer about your freezer. It's always in the summertime, too!

Shannon said...

that stinks about the freezer. What a bummer.

If you go out and find that all the raseberries are gone...The Paul's didnt do it!

Jeanne said...

What a great looking raspberry bush. Enjoy the sweetness! We have one, too, that gets bigger and bigger every year. The birds though get most of the bounty. LOL

I'm so sorry to hear about the freezer. I can't imagine how yucky that must have been! At least you can still use it.

Sounds like you've had a productive weekend so far. Yay!

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