Wednesday, June 10, 2009

So we've had some crazy weather here in Colorado the past few days. Tornado watches with a couple that touched down. Anyway, I got to spend an hour of my work day in the basement of where I am working for the week due to a tornado watch. Kind of scary. The skies are now clearing and hopefully it's behind us for the day. Although, who knows what tomorrow's weather will bring. Never a dull moment in Colorado.


mom2beachbums said...

Yikes! My most feared extreme weather! Had one near us last week and we were all scared during the warning and we have no basements here in TX! Hopefully they get out of CO and get back in KS (j/k) LOL. On another note ~ good luck with your next exam and the kids look so cute with their alien theme for your relay.

Jeanne said...

I was thinking about you when they said the storms were around Greeley. Too scary that you actually had to take cover!!

This weather sure is unsettled, isn't it. And I heard the same type of pattern is due to occur for the next week. Sigh...let's hope "they" are wrong, huh?

Glad you are okay!

Iona said...

Just stay safe and the rest is icing on the cake. Love all of your art and look forward to more.

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