Christopher playing catch

Thursday, May 7, 2009

We had a gorgeous day this past week and Christopher decided to go play outside with a little neighbor boy and play catch with his new baseball glove and ball that this friend got for Christopher's birthday. I loved watching the two of them play together. They are really two peas in a pod. Two little blond haired boys with energy in excess.

Christopher also decided to wear his John Elway Broncos jersey. I have to share a quick story about this jersey. I've always been a big Denver Broncos fan and when I was pregnant with Reynna, 10 years ago, I bought this jersey. Reynna wore it until she outgrew it and then it was passed down to Christopher. It's only a size 3T but he insists on still wearing it. I generally get rid of most of the kids' clothing that they outgrow but this will definitely be a keeper. I'm thinking someday that my grandchildren can wear it, boy or girl.


Jeanne said...

Fun! Too funny about that Elway shirt, but I can totally understand why it's a keeper.

Jessica still wears a dress I bought her years ago that is a 3T I believe. It's got butterflies on it (which is part of its appeal). Now it fits more like a top, but she can still wear it...little peanut that she is. One of my friends asked if I would hand it down to her when Jess was done with it, but now her daughter has outgrown its size (and she's 2 years younger than Jessica) so I guess we are keeping it! LOL

Anna said...

How sweet! Don't you love when they play and get along so nicely?

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