A crazy Friday

Saturday, April 11, 2009

So, remember how I blogged earlier in the week that Reynna had been sick and had a fever on and off for 3 days? Well, the fever came back with a vengenance yesterday, accompanied with severe stomach cramping and eventually green vomit. I know, gross. A trip to her primary doctor late in the afternoon led us straight to the emergency room to have a battery of tests done. It was an excruciating night, filled with chest X-rays, waiting, worry, tears from Reynna, and lots of poking on Reynna to find her veins to give her a much needed IV. More than 5 hours later, we finally, had our diagnosis. Pneumonia and a urinary tract infection. WHAT?

So today, I go to Walmart to have her prescription filled. I wait around for an hour and then come back only to have them tell me that they are out of stock of this medicine. By this time, it was time for Christopher's soccer game, (which I'll be posting pictures of later), so I gave up on the medicine for a moment. After the game, we made a trip to Sams Club. Only to find out, at least up front, that he doesn't have this particular medicine either. Several calls to different local pharmacies yield the same results. This pharmacist was so nice and helpful and currently has a call in to the ER's attending phsycian to see if the scrip can be changed to a medicine that is in stock.

So, Reynna still does not have her much needed medicine. She did get a nice big dose last night via her IV but my girl needs more. Hopefully the pharmacist will call soon with good news. And then, I can travel to the other side of town and pick it up.

A big shout out to my dear friend Shannon who watched Christopher for us last night while we dealt with all this. No way would any of us have survived the ER trip with him in tow.


terrahall said...

Hey I hope she gets feeling better. That is scary stuff. I tell ya the stuff that is going around is not much fun.
By the way thanks for the card you don't know how much I appreciatted it.
Love ya Terra

mom2beachbums said...

Wowzers!! Poor ,poor Reynna!! I would be non stop calling for the Rx. Glad they gave her an iv dose. Hopefully she can keep food and drink down to be able to handle the antibiotic. My step daughter gets very very sick with UTI's, will cause her to develop secondary infections like sepsis or pneumonia. Nasty infection! Hope she is feeling better soon! Let us know how she is doing!

Robert Choate said...

We are sorry BooBoos is not feeling well. We wish we could have been there to assist. We have made good friends with our Pharmacist as of late. He even re-opened one night just to fill something for us that was really needed. Hope she gets feeling better soon.

Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness! Poor, poor Reynna and poor, poor you! I surely hope they get the situation worked out for the meds. Does the hospital have a pharmacy? I would think if they gave it to her, they'd have some on hand...

I'm so sorry to hear about her illnesses and hope she is on the road to a full recovery soon!

Anna said...

Poor girl! I hope she's feeling better now. Looks like both had a fun Easter! I hope they shared some with momma!

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