I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it, I did it!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Okay, are you intrigued? What did I do? After several failed attempts at different parts of the CPA exam, I passed the audit portion. It's only one out of four but it gives me the hope and determination that I needed to continue on what had previously been a fruitless quest.

So, I've decided to offer some blog candy. I'll post later tonight the contents of the blog candy. Are you asking yourself how you can win some? All you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling one thing in life that you've struggled with and how you achieved your goal.

Contest will be open until Monday, November 24th. Be sure to check back later for a picture of the goodies you could win. Edited to add: Okay, picture of blog candy is attached now.

For me, I'm walking on cloud 9. How I'm supposed to work and be productive today is beyond me. I guess I've got to try.


Robert Choate said...

well good job. why don't you come out here and you can treat us to Outback to celebrate. and being first to comment I deserve whatever you have to give away.

Taryn Choate said...

YES YES YES!! Congrats!! That is so awesome . . .one down 3 to go! You definitely should go out for some yummy dinner to celebrate. Okay now on to your blog candy thing: One thing I struggled with early on in my marriage was the inability to get pregnant. I decided though not to have a pity party with myself and take it as this was Heavenly Father's plan for me and my family. I feel I have been very positive through the whole experience and I wouldn't change it for the world or else I wouldn't have my 2 precious boys!

Heather C said...

Hi Alanna! Contrats! I told you you could do it! I am very proud of you! I am sending you a hug right now!

Love you!

Cee Cee said...

CONGRATULATIONS! I always knew you would do it...you are one of the smartest people I know:) And the sweetest too...you deserve to have all of your dreams come true:) Lots of love!

I don't even know what blog candy is, but I want some anyway, so here it goes...when I was a kid my parents went through an AWFUL, UGLY divorce. It was probably the most challenging thing I have gone through to date. I have learned a great deal about relationships and strength through it all over the years though. In the end I am grateful for the experience. Weird, but true:)

Kisha! said...

oh my gosh good for you! That is such a BIG accomplishment -you SHOULD feel proud of you! I know how hard that exam is - I have several friends who've taken it and failed and failed and failed it so you should be sooo proud of yourself!


Kisha! said...

oh my gosh good for you! That is such a BIG accomplishment -you SHOULD feel proud of you! I know how hard that exam is - I have several friends who've taken it and failed and failed and failed it so you should be sooo proud of yourself!


Laurel said...

Congrats! Great blog by the way!

One thing I struggled with was believe it or not, paining roses. I love roses and really wanted to be able to paint them. I took lessons, struggled, painted other things kept coming back to roses until finally I painted something that I liked!

Suz Loves to Scramp said...

Congrats! So very happy for you. This is a testament to never give up on what you want to achieve. Glad you reached your goal! Keep going and never look back or give up!

Ok, the one thing that I struggle with is my husbands family. I've gotten to a point in my life where I realize that it is ok to not be around them. It is more important that my DH and I be happy and be around those that we want to be around. We're finally not feeling guilty for making the choices we've made.

Vicki Wizniuk said...

Congratulations! I'm so proud of you!

My most recent struggle has been with dealing with what happened to my father this past June, when he got beat up and put in the hospital with a head injury. I had struggled with dealing with trying to get the 'bad' people out of his life, and attaining Committee (Power of Attorney equivelent) to be able to do so and so I could take care of his affairs. His head trauma has made demetia kick in so bad and I will honestly be surprised if he holds on until Christmas. But I have to say, I have acheived what I set out to do and I am very proud of myself for what I have accomplished in a relatively short amount of time, legally speaking. It just proves that you can do whatever you set your mind to, no matter how difficult it seems when you are going through it.

Thank you for the opportunity to win some blog candy! And for taking time to comment on my blog. You're so sweet! :o)

kaybee said...

Hello! Hello! Blog candy, how fun!! Well, my latest struggle has been with my sewing machine. It's dusty and I've ignored it for years but once I started a class on it, I dusted it off and actually made a few things with it. And along the way I've learned that just because I CAN do something doesn't mean I should and just because I CAN'T do something doesn't mean I shouldn't. I just need the right tools. That being said, I may use up the fabric I've bought then hand this thing right back to my mom (it was her mothers). Great job! It's not how you got there but THAT you got there that counts!

Jena said...

Congrats! I always enjoy your blog and it's good to hear such great news!

Rene said...

Alanna GREAT job! How Awesome this is!!!

I am also not sure what Blog Candy is but will share a recent struggle: I have recently started a search for a church home since moving to Arizona. On my own without a friend by my side. I truly believe my walk with my Heavenly Father will be so fulling when I have a weekly home to worship. To express my love of Jesus. I must be thankful to be welcomed in each church we have explored. And am certain we will find our fit, with prayer and pursuit!

Again Alanna GREAT JOB, and I know you will be able to finish you quest!


Tanya said...

Congratulations!! Okay never really tried for blog candy before but I thought I'd give it a shot.

The one thing that I struggled with the most was the death of my step-father, who passed away with bladder cancer. I was there in his last moments and what I saw is forever etched in my mind--something I wouldn't even wish on my worst enemy. My step-father was the one true male figure in my life and losing him threw me for a loop but I have come away from the situation with a whole new outlook. I now don't take things for granted because life is short but my goal is to live it to it's fullest and enjoy every single nano-second with my daughter (and future children) so that they know that no matter what I am and always will be here for them and love her (them) with my whole heart.

Tanya said...
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Denise said...

Congratulations on passing the test!

For one thing that I have struggled with and overcome has been swimming! I could never pass the swim classes because they would not let me plug my nose. I now can swim just fine with that occasional panic attack where I plug my nose but I can swim, snorkel and now I am a certified diver!
Denise Wells

CandyScraps said...

Congrats! :)

One of my biggest struggles was overcoming overwhelming worry. I used to stress and worry over EVERYTHING. With my husband's support and the Lord's help, I am so much more relaxed. It's truly been such a relief!

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