Hit by the pink truck

Sunday, November 9, 2008

So when Devin saw Reynna's ensemble today, he said that she had been hit by the pink truck. I thought that was the cutest phrase. My girl, just like me, loves pink. We are girly girls. Reynna got the hat from her friend Aspen at the birthday party. She has worn it all weekend.

When I suggested to Reynna that I could take a couple of pictures of her to post on the blog, she was more than happy to oblige. I took the first picture and then she started turning and posing. It is how I imagine a photo shoot with a model would go. I thought it was really sweet and think these are great pictures of her. I'm sure there will be a scrapbook page coming sometime featuring these pictures. And I bet you can't guess what the title will be. :)


Taryn Choate said...

OH my heck, my Boo Boos is too stinkin' cute!!! You've got to send her my way so I can do a photo shoot with her. Now I'm picturing all these poses I could do!!

Alanna said...

I'd love to Taryn. Can I send her COD?

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