Fun at Elitches and it's Friday!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Another real simple layout. I did this one a couple of months ago. The pictures were from 3 years ago when we went to Denver's water park.

Today is our annual firm retreat. I get a break from auditing and get to wear jeans for the day. Plus the day is supposed to get over at 4. It's always real hush-hush around the firm as to what will take place. Only the retreat committee knows what will be going on and they're not talking. Last year's retreat was a lot of fun.

I'm having some friends over tonight for scrapbooking. It's always a toss-up if I will get anything done or not. I tend to just watch, talk, and listen. Oh, and eat. We all bring treats or food of some sort. Hopefully I can feel some sort of mojo and create. I often find it easier to create on my own. Any of you feel like that?

Okay, we've made it to Friday morning. Enjoy and thanks for stopping by.

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