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Sunday, October 5, 2008

I was visiting the Tip Junkie blog and saw a link on how to add a signature to your blog posts. This is something I've been wondering how people did. Now I know. Click here for step-by-step directions in case you're interested. I must say, though, that I haven't figured it out yet how I can get my signature automatically added without having to put in the HTML code. If anyone knows how, I'd love for you to share with me. I don't know. Maybe it's not possible. For now, I'll just add it manually with each post.


Taryn Choate said...

Oooh, no isn't that just special!! HE HE HE!!!

Barb W said...

Hi there! I linked over from Jenn's blog. I liked your name, so I thought I'd take a peek. So glad I did! I have to browse around a bit more.

But, for my siggy I use

www.mylivesignature.com They generate a code that I added to my HTML once and it automatically adds the siggy with each post.


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