Is she a BFF, a BF or an F?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

So earlier today, Reynna and I were talking about how it is just under 1 month until her 9th birthday. I asked her if she knew who she wanted to invite? She said that she would need to consult her journal where she had listed 3 columns, her BFFs, her BFs, and her Fs. Or her best friends forever, her best friends, and her friends. I thought it was so cute that she had done this. She then proceeded to tell me that most of her friends were on the BFF list. Oh, the minds of an almost 9, yet going on 15, girl. Can anyone else relate?


Robert Choate said...

where am I on this list Booboos? I am probably the BUF (Best Uncle Forever).

Taryn Choate said...

Oh my heck Booboos, that is the cutest thing ever!! Come visit us k? I miss you tonz!

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