I want to be a fireman, policeman, and a construction worker

Friday, October 3, 2008

So the other day when I was taking Christopher to daycare, we passed by a long stretch of road that is currently being widened. There are all sorts of big machines and yellow equipment that he loves to look at. Somehow we started talking about working. This is how the conversation pretty much went.

Christopher: Daddy works at the school.
Me: Yes, daddy is a teacher.
Christopher: You work at Wells Fargo. (Our office is on the top floor of a large Wells Fargo building)
Me: Yes, I am an auditor there.
Christopher: What is an auditor?
Me: An auditor is someone who looks at other people's financial statements.
Christopher: That sounds fun.
Me: Do you want to be an auditor when you grow up? (I couldn't resist asking this)
Christohper: (After thinking for just a moment) No, I want to be a fireman, a policeman, and a construction worker.

I thought this was the cutest story and I was just reading Nona's blog where she realized that she needs to write these types of things down because of a memory that was sure to fail. Heaven knows, that is my memory. I think I'll label these moments "Kids say".

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Robert Choate said...

I was watching Backdraft on tv and Isaac went and got the fire truck and brought it to me. I thought he was quite smart. Christopher is not going to have a lot of free time with 3 jobs. Maybe he can help take care of his favorite uncle.

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