Heather is coming!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

I mentioned yesterday that Devin's mom is getting baptized and it was going to be this next weekend. In the end, other arrangments were made so that we can go out to Utah and be there for the big day. Heather, Devin's sister, who lives in Washington was also going to go and drive out to Utah from Washington. We mentioned to her that maybe she could fly out this way instead and drive out with us. So that is what she is going to do. We'll pick her up from the airport and then hit the road for Utah. After we come back from Utah, we'll have her here for 6 wonderful days. We are all soooooo excited to have her come visit. We love and miss our Aunt Heather. We love and miss her husband, Uncle Steve, as well. I'm excited that we will be able to share in Linda's special day after all and see our family in Utah.

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Taryn Choate said...

Wow that's so exciting about Devin's Mom! And say hi to Heather for me too. Have a great time!

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