Happy Birthday to Arianne!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

October 16, 1994 was the day I gave birth to my first daughter, Arianne. She was born 6 weeks premature and stayed 2 weeks at the NICU in Provo, Utah. I got to spend those 2 weeks with her before I gave her up for adoption to a loving family. What a hard decision that was. Months of pure agony. I do know that I made the right decision.

14 years ago, adoption was such a different thing than it is now. I did get to meet the birth parents the day that I place Arianne in their arms. For the next year, they did a great job of sending me letters and pictures. After her first birthday, the adoptive parents weren't allowed to send pictures anymore, only yearly updates until she turned 5. I treasure those letters that I have. I also had the chance to write letters during that first year. Unfortunately, it was just too painful for me to do so. I regret that now. I did write a letter to my precious baby the day I gave her up and gave it to her parents. I wonder if she has read that?

I long for the day, which I hope and pray will happen, when I can meet my daughter and tell her how much I love her and that I have always loved her. She was the one bright thing that came out of a very bad situation.

Arianne, I LOVE YOU. Happy 14th birthday!

Your Mom


Taryn Choate said...

Alanna, did you mail out that letter yet?? I know someday you'll get to meet Arianne face to face and it will miraculous! I can't wait for that day either. I love you!

Robert Choate said...

I can't believe it has been 14 years. I still remember that day. I think it was a beautiful Sunday morning. We are grateful for the pictures and letters we have gotten from Brigham's birth family and know they enjoy getting stuff from us too. Write the letter and send it off.

Amanda said...

Good for you for putting your daughter's needs before your own. You know you've given her a chance at a life you yourself may not have been able to provide for her. She will be eternally grateful I'm sure and I do hope you get to meet her face to face one day. What a beautiful moment that will be. Cherish those moments and letters and pictures you have. I hope she's read your letter by now. She will have more love in her life then you'll ever know! She's got so many people to love her. Arianne is one lucky girl! LOVE her name BTW! :D

And of course, sending hugs to you too. That cannot be an easy thing to share and I appreciate your honesty. Kudos! :D
Amanda from Ontario

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