Prom Night 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

I mentioned last weekend that Devin and I were chaperones at his school's prom.  Here are just a few pictures of us before the "big dance".  LOL

So for a large portion of the time we were there, all I could think about was how it would just be a few years before Reynna would be attending prom and I got all nostalgic for my little girl who is growing up at an alarming rate.  What's a mom of a pre-teen to do?

I hope that your week has been going well and that you have a great Friday.  Blessings to each of you.


Jeanne said...

You two look very spiffy! Thanks for sharing.

My godson is going to his first prom this weekend and I'm quite sure he is too young...LOL After all he was just a little guy a few days ago. Yup, they grow up entirely too fast.

Hope you two had a good time!

Maria Matter said...

a lovely prom picture Alanna! bet ya didn't think you would have one again after graduation, huh? lol

after a recent b'day at our house, I now have four teenagers! whew, no babies in the house any sad! They do grow up awfully fast!

Take care
hugs & blessings!

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