Reynna turns 11

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Yesterday, my sweet Reynna turned 11.  It seems so hard to believe how fast she is growing up.  I got her some clothes which her reply was, "Oh good because I really needed a new wardrobe".  And I'm thinking, what, didn't we just buy you a lot of new clothes at the beginning of the school year?  Isn't your closet overflowing?  I suppose she is hitting that stage where clothing is very important.  YIKES!  She is wearing one of the fun shirts I got her in all the pictures.

Devin got her a digital camera, which she's been wanting.  It's a pink Sanyo.  She loves it and is thrilled.  Christopher got her some fun girly items from the dollar store like a mirror, new brush and fun nail art.

Reynna, we love you lots and lots and are so happy that you're part of our family.  Here's some pictures of my girl on her birthday.
My cutie pie

Peace out

Super cool shirt
Reynna laughing at the card her brother got her

My babies loving eachother

Woo Hoo for Taylor's new album

What is this?  A camera?

Reynna showing off her new camera

11 candles to blow out

All blown out with one breath
Thanks so much for indulging me.  Reynna is having a party with friends tomorrow night.  A big night is planned.  I'll be taking more pictures then.  I hope you have a great Thursday.


Ivolina said...

Happy Birthday to your little princes. Lovely presents.

Robert Choate said...

Is this an actual posting about something that is not card related? I am shocked. I can't believe Reynna Super Sissy BooBoos is 11. I was present the day she was born. Can she wait to have the party so I can be there too? I will give her birthday spanks next week when I see her.

Sparkle said...

Looks like a fabbie birthday! Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!

Jeanne said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Reynna! (just a smidge late) May this year be your best yet. You've got a rocking new wardrobe, great tunes and even a camera to document the year!

Thanks so much for sharing Alanna. I have to say that I was surprised to see a big resemblance in Reynna to my niece when she was around that age, right down to the style of glasses. Kind of eerie. (My niece is in her 20s now)

mom2beachbums said...

Happy birthday beautiful Reynna! I can't believe your 11! I still remember how excited I was to know you were on your way and to hear when you were born. Love the gifts and how happy you look!

Carolyn said...

Happy Belated Birthday Reynna!!
What a great birthday!! Looks like she got everything she wanted & more.(:

Sharli said...


Your DD is just delightful - I love the sheer joy on her face as she shows off her presents! Wonderful post - thanks for sharing!

Kathi C. said...

Belated Happy Birthday, Reynna! Your photos are great, Alanna. She looked so pleased with her gifts, which, by the way, look wonderful. I hope her party is/was a good time, too. You've got great kids - nice family.

Maria Matter said...

aww, belated happy birthday to Reynna! She's a beautiful young lady!
love lookin' at your photos hun, what fun!!!
hugs & blessings!

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