An award

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The very talented Barb from gave me this great blog award. Barb is so talented with her digi scrapbooking and her gorgeous cards. Thanks for the award Barb.

I'm supposed to nominate 5 to 10 bloggers who I feel show great attitude and gratitude. I'm going to nominate... Jena, Sarah, Kari, Sparkle,and Maria. I visit all of these talented lady's blogs often and am so inspired by all their gorgeous work. I would have nominated some other great ladies but Barb already did so. I love being inspired by all the great artwork out there and am so thankful for all the time that people spend to upload their work to share with the rest of us.


Jena said...

Awww - thanks so much! I think I've actually received this from a couple gals, I'd better get on top of things and post it on my blog already ;-P

Sarah said...

Alanna, Thanks so much! Right back at you! I love your work.

Maria Matter said...

Congratulation on your award!
You well deserve it!!!

And you're such a sweetheart to think of me...I really appreciate that Alanna! I'm a bit behind on posting awards but I will get on it and properly link you, my friend!
take care
Many blessings, Maria

Kariberry said...

YoU are a sweetheart!! I love to vist your blog as well.You do great work! I did get this award a while ago. Thank You for thinking of me! You Rock!!

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