A night at Chuck-E Cheese

Monday, May 4, 2009

As I mentioned earlier, Friday was Christopher's 6th birthday. Wow, is he growing up. We celebrated this year by not having a friend party but going as a family to first the store where we buy most of our Webkinz. They were participating in the Webkinz Extravaganza. Basically, there were some games for the kids to play and then discounted Webkinz. Christopher ended up with four new pets. We now have a Sally, Justin, Fishy, and Chocolate Chip in our growing brood.

After there, we headed over to Chuckee Cheese and got pizza and tokens. We all had lots of fun playing games. I am particularly fond of skee-ball. It also had a really cool Deal or no Deal game that was fun. I think Christopher really enjoyed himself and really, I think we all did. It was fun to hang out as a family.



Jeanne said...

It sounds (and looks) as if it was a most excellent birthday!
Thanks for sharing!

Heather C said...

We wish we were there to enjoy with you! Maybe we'll live near you again! Miss ya!

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