Two little monkeys

Monday, April 27, 2009

Two weekends ago, we watched our good friend's children so they could go out on a date night. They reciprocated for us this past weekend. Thanks Shannon.

When I went to check on the boys, I found that they had taken all the blankets and stuffed animals off the beds in Christopher's bedroom. Christohper has a lot of these items. They were jumping off the ladder onto their pile of animals and blankets. I snapped a few photos of them just hanging out.


6p010535e1515c970c said...

LOL! my boys do the same thing!! I have 3 boys, 11, 7 and 5 years old. I think it's hilarious that they do this! :)

mom2beachbums said...

He'd fit right in with my boys too! They chose not to have their bunks in our new house but still manage to find things to jump off of and its always on top of stuffed animals too! Boys always have fun together!

Shannon said...

Cute pictures! I got to get copies of these and the ones of the girls!!!

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