Christohper reading Horton

Monday, March 2, 2009

I found Christopher reading on the top bunk in his bedroom. He had made himself nice and cozy and was reading Horton Hatching the Egg. Who remembers that book growing up? I loved that book and loved Horton. Still do, in fact. I was so tickled that Christopher found a cozy place to read that I had to grab the camera. I was able to snap a couple of candid pictures and then had him pose for a few.


mom2beachbums said...

Too cute!! And even tho I don't remember reading this one as a child, I remember all the first ones from Dr. Seuss' series, but discovered this one when I was in YW at church. A teacher of mine used it as an example of integrity. It stuck with me so much I just love the story and have read it often to my boys and seem to get tears when I do! Everyone wants a friend like Horton!

Heather C said...

So cute! I am so proud of him for being such a good reader and for loving to read!

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