Then and Now

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I made good use of my lunch hour yesterday and started this layout using colors Marjorie chose for her color challenge. Colors chosen were: tulip, heavenly blue, outdoor denim and ocean. I used the first three listed. I was struggling on how to fill the space on the right side where the now 5 squares of paper are and realized that I know the pictures are Christopher but will someone looking at my book 50 years from now know the name of that cute little guy. So I added Christopher's name to the left side. It's also very hard to tell in the photos because the font is so small but there is a 2003 and a 2008 on either side of both pictures.

The then picture was Christopher at about 6 months. The now picture was Christopher's school picture this year. Wow, has he grown. He's still my little boy, though, and always will be. Sometimes my mind wanders and starts to think about my kids as they grow up. I wonder if Christopher will still have his blond hair, which I adore. I wonder if he'll still be clumsy and always hurting himself or if that is just more a product of him being a rambunctious and active little boy.

Anyway, the layout was fun to do. I've never really done a layout that has pictures which spread so many years. I'll probably see what I have for Reynna and do one featuring her as well.

For the layout, let me tell you that I am in love with the scallop edge that the Fiskars Threading water punch gives. If you don't have that punch, run now, don't walk. You can't tell in the picture but the small pieces of paper on either side are covered with CTMH's window charms to give them some dimension. Also, Christopher is spelled using CTMH's Hodgepodge alphabet. It's the first time it's seen ink and I know I'll be reaching for it again and again.

Well, I hope everyone survived their Monday and that your Tuesday is even better. Take care.


Taryn Choate said...

Very cute . . .but where's my copy of Chee Chee and Boo Boos school pictures huh????

Tickle Me Pink said...

Darling layout!! I love the time span and those pictures are wonderful! Thanks for playing ^_~

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