A pilgrim and an indian

Saturday, November 29, 2008

My kids decided to make some costumes and put on a play of the first Thanksgiving for us on Thanksgiving day. There were two acts of the play. In the first, Reynna and Christopher were both pilgrims. For act two, Reynna was an indian. It was so cute and I was able to capture the play on our video camera. Here are some still pictures of the kids after the play in their costumes.

I just love it that my kids are so creative. They made these costumes all by themselves and had a great time doing it. For the play, they also made the Mayflower boat. It was about 5 feet long, complete with sails.

I think I've finally recovered from yesterday. With everything going on this week, I haven't made it to my craft area in a few days. I hope to remedy that today, although I do need to get some serious studying done. In any event, thanks for stopping by and I hope everyone's week and holiday were fantastic.


Robert Choate said...

Brigham thought his cousins looked funny and cute. He wished he could be there to play too. I am glad that you did not get trampled yesterday. Very sad that something like that happened. I am glad I slept in.

Heather C said...

Alanna, your kids are soooo darn cute! I wish we had been there this year so we could see the play! You'll have to post it on here! Tell the kids they look adorable in their costumes!

Cee Cee said...

How adorable...I remember doing stuff like that as a kiddo. My kids, not so much. Maybe because the boys came first. I think girls usually initiate that type of thing. Glad you had your camera handy...that was definately something worth documenting:)

Deb said...

How adorable! These pictures just made me grin! Brought back memories of an Indian costume I made for Matthew way back when...for a homeschoolers' Thanksgiving Feast. Sweet times! TFS!

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