A day at the Park

Friday, October 10, 2008

More pictures being scrapped from the kids' and Devin's trip this summer. They went to a park with Heather and Steve. Unfortunately, only these 3 pictures were snapped so that's all I have.

If I may, can I just tell you that I love this layout? I don't normally say that about my layouts but I think the simplicity plus the rounded corners plus the waaaay cute patterned paper that my good friend Terra gave me give it just the right touch.

So who's glad we made it to Friday? I know I am. Some good friends are coming over for dinner and games tonight. That will be a fun start to our weekend. I then hope to see the Cougars win big tomorrow along with everyone else ahead of BYU lose big. :)

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Heather C said...

Hi Alanna! So I am pretty sure that I took pictures of them there too. I am bringing our camera and since it is the same as yours and the pictures are still on the memory card we can transfer them to your camera. I cant wait to see you!

Oh, this morning I asked Steve if there was something I could bring back from colorado. He said, "the Moses family. A niece or a nephew would be great if the whole family wont fit." :)

Love you! Heather

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